About Buying House: Empenzo Fashion

Empenzo Fashion Ltd. Based in Singapore.
We've 20 years of experience operating garments Buying House & in fashion industry. Empenzo Fashion's major purpose is to develop, organize, manage collections, and provide production support for well-known brands in multiple areas that appeal to a wide range of consumer tastes on a global scale.

Our buying house gained a prominent platform in the sector of garments and textile sewing section in the global market. Empenzo Fashion is specialized in complete denim, woven & knit sections with its versatile sewing technology for smooth production. We've highly experienced engineer, technical team, fashion designer, merchandiser, digital marketing experts who are working hard from the very beginning from catch orders to ship out the goods. Empenzo Fashion is improving constantly and developing its innovative idea to meet the standards of its quality.

It is marketed through a global sales network covering Europe, Asia, and North America, including chain stores, shopping malls, and global marketplaces, all under the Empenzo Fashion umbrella.

We guarantee the same great quality as the most costly brands at a fraction of the cost.